The work in the vineyard

Vines need to be closely controlled and guided in order for them to reach their potential. To get quality fruit, a life of comfort won’t do, instead the vines must be forced to dig deep into the soil to feed themselves.
Our job in the vineyard is to produce healthy, concentrated and ripe fruit, all the while respecting the environment. We adapt the way we work to each individual plot and vintage.

Taille de la vigne à Saumur

Pruning and debudding: Reducing the yields to in favour of producing a better concentration; ensuring a steady and consistent growth.

Stripping leaves and new branches: Maintaining a healthy foliage to aid photosynthesis; allowing a good circulation of air to avoid the development of disease.

Working the ground: Forcing the vines to drive their roots deep; keeping the vitality of the soil at a good level by gently ploughing the surface; maintaining the grass according to hygrometric changes (ploughing, mowing etc.)

Le travail du sol

Treatments with sulfites and copper “Bouillie Bordelaise”:
Protecting from fungal diseases such as mildew and oidium. Each treatment is carried out with great precision and care, using scrupulously measured doses to maximise the effect given yet minimise the quantity needed. We are currently looking into herbal treatments and manure as additional methods.

All other pesticides are systematically banned from our practice.

A well-preserved ecosystem will find its own solutions to problems in the vineyard but one must be ready for a certain amount of production loss working under this philosophy
Animals also have a right to their part of the harvest! In essence, our job is a question of constantly readapting ourselves to the changing environment and finding solutions as we go.