This ideal of production is inspired by a text from the philosopher and agro- ecologist Pierre Rabhi known for his movement “Earth and Humanism”.

It’s this ideal we aspire to. As such, we tend our vines according to principles of organic agriculture, following a moral logic and respect for the environment. Chemicals are banned from our work as they create a vicious circle of dependency for the plant. Working in this way requires a greater investment of labour, time and energy, and also calls for a higher level of risk-taking compared to conventional wine-making.

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Living from our work by respecting who and what surrounds us.

Grapes are handpicked and vinified in the most natural way possible, which isn’t to say without intervention: quite the opposite. We work meticulously in both the vineyard and cellar in order to eschew the use of chemicals and harsh machinery often turned to automatically in conventional wine-making to reduce the risk of production loss. We try to stay as close as possible to the grape itself and what it brings us naturally.
We simply want to work following an ethic we hold dear, the pillars of which are: Health – Ecology – Enjoyment – Quality – Humanity – Sustainability.